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Governor Babagana Umara Zulum has taken decisive action by prohibiting metal scavenging across the state. This decision came after Governor Zulum conducted an on-site assessment and discovered a significant amount of metal scraps, many of which were suspected to be government property.

While touring various projects, Governor Zulum encountered large quantities of metal scraps, including items believed to belong to both federal authorities and the Borno state government. In an interview, the Governor highlighted the dangers associated with metal scavenging, citing the loss of thousands of lives in recent years. He expressed concern that some individuals engaged in this business were resorting to extreme measures, including the alleged theft of public property such as street light poles and telecommunication company tanks.

Governor Zulum further noted that local government vehicles had been damaged by those involved in scavenging activities. Given the gravity of the situation, the Governor emphasized that the government cannot permit such reckless actions to continue unchecked.

Consequently, he announced a ban on scavenging activities in all twenty-seven local government areas of the state through an executive order. This measure aims to restore order to business activities and safeguard the lives of the scavengers themselves.

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