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Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has accomplished a remarkable feat by establishing the long-awaited Kogi State University in Kabba. What makes this achievement even more exceptional is the fact that Governor Bello never mentioned it as a campaign promise, a departure from the disappointments experienced under past administrations.

In the past, the late Audu Abubakar, the first civilian governor of Kogi State, had pledged to establish the university in Kabba, but despite receiving votes and support from the community, he failed to fulfill his promise. Notably, he even declared that the “citing of Kogi State University in Kabba is irrevocable,” only to locate it elsewhere. In a surprising turn of events, Governor Bello has delivered the university without making prior commitments during his election campaign or associating it with any future elections.

This unexpected development has garnered widespread appreciation from the community. It stands as a testament to Governor Bello’s commitment to genuine progress, devoid of empty political rhetoric or self-serving agendas. While promises of development are often made during election campaigns, only to be forgotten afterward, Governor Bello’s actions demonstrate his sincerity in prioritizing the needs of the people.

The people of Kabba, particularly the Okun community, express their heartfelt gratitude to Governor Bello for this significant accomplishment. They view him as a trustworthy leader who goes beyond empty promises and actively works towards meaningful development. Governor Bello’s selfless dedication to the welfare of the people has earned him the respect and admiration of the Okun people, who pledge to remember him for his positive contributions.

Governor Bello’s decision to establish Kogi State University in Kabba without prior commitments highlights his capacity as a visionary leader with the genuine well-being of the people in mind. The community is grateful for his actions and promises to repay his dedication with unwavering support. Recognizing his integrity and commitment, the people of Kabba are determined to stand by Governor Bello and acknowledge him as a leader deserving of their trust and gratitude.

Governor Bello’s approach breaks away from the trend of political promises that often go unfulfilled. The community of Kabba is thankful for his sincerity and determination, and they are committed to supporting him in his future endeavors. They recognize him as a leader who prioritizes the genuine needs of the people, and they express their gratitude by vowing to repay his dedication in kind.

Adebayo Funmilayo writes from Lagos

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