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Kabba, renowned for its vibrant culture and diversity, is all set to host the most spectacular Kabba Day event in its history, thanks to the newly revealed committee members and advisers announced by Chairman Barr (Hon) Segun Modeyin. The committee’s names were disclosed in a personally signed statement published in an online newspaper.

Barr Segun Modeyin

With a promise to deliver an extraordinary and meticulously organized Kabba Day 2023, Modeyin expressed confidence that the exceptional quality of the committee members would attract a remarkable turnout for this year’s event. Modeyin extended an invitation to everyone to actively participate and collaborate with the planning committee and its sub-committees, fostering a sense of healthy competition and teamwork.

One of the notable figures joining the committee is Mr. Ben Owoleke, a well-respected individual in Kabba known for his dedication to community development and advocacy for good governance. As an adviser to the committee, Owoleke is expected to make a significant impact and foster stronger relationships between the committees and the esteemed people of Kabba. The event, being a cultural day in Kabba, is also anticipated to attract participation from outside the community, facilitating cultural exchange and further strengthening community bonds.

Engr Ben Owoleke

This year’s Kabba Day celebration aims to unite the community in celebrating their shared heritage while embracing the beauty of diversity and fostering a sense of unity that will resonate for years to come. The committee members listed below, representing various fields of expertise, are entrusted with ensuring the success of the event:


Kabba Development Union President General
-Engr. Emmanuel Ajibero


  • Barr (Hon) Segun Modeyin

Vice Chairman:

  • Hon. (Mrs) Shade Olobatoke


  • Mr. Justin Bello


  • Barr. Mike Abejirin
  • Barr. Jaiye Samuel
  • Dr. Tosin Oluyoko
  • Princess Grace Omonale
  • Mr. Taiye Olorunmebun
  • Mr. Joshua Alori
  • Mr. Wale Samuel
  • Mr. Henry Ibiejemite
  • Barr. Yemi Gold Olumidi
  • Mrs. Stella Olobayotan
  • Mr. Victor Bello
  • Mr. James Olorunmolu
  • Engr. Matthew Ajigi
  • Mr. Manix Awuto
  • Rev. Olorunmaiye
  • Surv. Timothy Samuel
  • Mr. Segun Akerele
  • Alh. Fadile Idris Aloma


  • Barrister Tessy Fadile
  • Mr. Ben Owoleke
  • Hajia Titi Rakia Alpha
  • Hon. (Chief) Femi Olugbemi
  • Dr. Raphael Arokoyo

The committee will work in tandem with various sub-committees to ensure every aspect of the event is meticulously planned and executed. The Media/Publicity Committee, Finance Committee, Hospitality Committee, Security Committee, Contact/Mobilization Committee, Cultural Committee, Venue Committee, Technical Committee, and Entertainment Committee are comprised of dedicated individuals who will contribute their expertise towards creating an unforgettable cultural celebration.

As the community eagerly awaits the event, let us come together and celebrate our shared heritage, embracing the beauty of diversity while fostering a profound sense of unity that will resonate for generations to come. Stay tuned for further updates on the event, including the venue, schedule, and a captivating lineup of activities and performances.

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