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Date: November 11, 2023

Progressive Okun leaders, led by Engr Alemide Ekundayo, have passionately urged all Okun leaders and youths to join forces in ensuring the victory of Usman Ododo as the next governor of Kogi State. Chairman Ekundayo emphasized the Okun people’s reputation for reciprocity, highlighting the remarkable accomplishments facilitated by Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration. These include the establishment of a university in Kabba, the construction of one of Nigeria’s largest rice mills in Omi, extensive road networks, and numerous other development projects across Okun land.

“We pay good for good; that’s what Okun is known for,” Ekundayo stated resolutely. “Governor Yahaya Bello has shattered barriers and propelled unprecedented progress for us as Okun people. Today, we must show our gratitude by casting our votes for the APC candidate, Usman Ododo.”

Ekundayo expressed concern regarding individuals who have failed to effectively represent their local government in Okun land, cautioning against repeating such mistakes in the 21st century. He emphasized that politics should be focused on development and empowering the people through impactful policies and programs. The chairman commended Governor Bello for his exceptional achievements in this regard.

“Let us unite in support of the government and foster an environment that witnesses even greater progress and development within Okun land,” urged Chairman Ekundayo. “As a peaceful and loving people, it is imperative that we display these qualities as we move forward together.”

The endorsement of Usman Ododo’s candidacy by the Progressive Okun leaders is a testament to the trust and confidence placed in Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration by the Okun community. As the November 11 election approaches, the Okun people remain steadfast in their commitment to sustaining the current momentum of growth and ensuring a prosperous future for Kogi State.

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