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Imo Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has given his approval to raise the minimum wage for workers in the state to N40,000 as a response to the challenges posed by the removal of fuel subsidy. During a recent address to the state executive council, Governor Uzodinma acknowledged the severe economic impact experienced by the people. In an effort to alleviate the situation, his administration will provide support to farmers through soft loans, grants, and agricultural resources like seedlings and tools.

The governor emphasized the immediate implementation of the wage increase, stating that it will not only enable workers to cover their basic needs but also support their overall financial well-being. Additionally, measures are being taken to improve transportation services for workers, including the addition of ten new buses to expand the existing fleet and ensure convenient access to workplaces for employees across the state capital.

Governor Uzodinma also addressed concerns regarding the rising prices of food items, expressing his distress over traders exploiting the economic circumstances. To tackle this issue, the government is preparing to establish the Imo State Marketing and Commodity Board (ISMCB), which will regulate prices to ensure affordability for the masses. Low-cost markets will be set up in all 27 local government areas of the state to facilitate access to reasonably priced food and commodities.

Furthermore, the administration aims to address educational inequalities by establishing a scholarship education board. This initiative will offer scholarships to academically gifted students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who often face barriers to continuing their education beyond primary and secondary levels.

Governor Uzodinma’s actions reflect his commitment to supporting the welfare of workers, farmers, and students in Imo state, with measures ranging from wage increments and enhanced transportation to affordable food markets and educational scholarships.

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