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In a heartfelt message, Senator Gbenga Daniel expressed his warm wishes and shared a personal connection to Chief Segun Osoba as the renowned journalist and politician celebrated his 84th birthday. Senator Daniel revealed that Chief Osoba is his in-law, as his beloved wife, Yeye Olufunke Daniel, hails from the esteemed Osoba clan in Abeokuta.

Highlighting Chief Osoba’s illustrious career, Senator Daniel commended his achievements and the significant impact he has made in both journalism and politics. Chief Osoba’s remarkable journey includes governing their dear state and undertaking various prominent national leadership roles.

On this joyous occasion, Senator Daniel joined the family and associates of Chief Osoba in celebrating his 84th birthday. He extended his warmest regards and best wishes to the birthday celebrant, acknowledging the profound influence and contributions Chief Osoba has made throughout his life.

As the celebrations continue, well-wishers from far and wide join Senator Gbenga Daniel in honoring Chief Segun Osoba’s remarkable journey and praying for many more years of God’s goodness in his life.

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