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Deliberations Underway as Okai Engages with APC Leadership

Kogi East, Nigeria – The youth wing of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi East has extended a warm welcome to Austin Okai, urging him to leave the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and join their ranks. Doga Haruna, a member of the APC youth wing, acknowledged the frustrations and temptations that come with being in the opposition for an extended period. Haruna emphasized the significance of moving forward and becoming part of the ruling government to effectively serve the people and supporters. Haruna warmly greeted Austin Okai, saying, “Welcome to the APC family, Usman Okai Austin Cca.”

Reports have emerged of Okai engaging in meetings with senior APC officials, including the party candidate, Usman Ododo in Abuja.

In response to these developments, KB Mohammed, the PDP State Deputy Publicity Secretary, advised Okai to remain resolute and loyal to the party. Mohammed encouraged Okai to stay focused on his genuine beliefs and cautioned against being swayed by monetary inducements or external distractions. “My brother and dear friend, Usman Okai Austin Cca, remain steadfast in what you sincerely believe in. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by monetary-induced comrades… Focus should be your guiding principle,” said Mohammed.

The Kogi PDP eagerly awaits Austin Okai’s decision, as they anticipate whether he will choose to remain with the party or explore other political options.

As Austin Okai weighs his options, the decision he makes will have significant implications, not only for his personal journey but also for the political landscape of Kogi East.

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