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Abuja, Nigeria – Samuel Olayinka, a concerned citizen, has written an open letter to President Tinubu expressing deep concern over the current price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) in the country. With the cost of PMS at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) soaring to N617, many individuals and families are finding it increasingly difficult to afford, exacerbating the challenges posed by the already struggling economy.

Olayinka, alongside numerous citizens who supported President Tinubu during his election campaigns, urges immediate attention to this critical matter. While acknowledging the rationale behind the removal of fuel subsidies, he emphasizes the pressing need for alternative support mechanisms to alleviate the burden on the Nigerian people.

The escalating PMS prices have reached a breaking point, significantly impacting the lives of ordinary citizens. Accessibility to this essential commodity has become a daunting challenge, affecting transportation, livelihoods, and the overall economy.

Olayinka respectfully requests President Tinubu’s intervention to address this urgent issue. Striking a delicate balance between economic realities and the well-being of the people is essential. Exploring strategies to stabilize or reduce the price of PMS, accompanied by the implementation of supportive measures, will help alleviate the hardships faced by citizens.

Recognizing President Tinubu’s track record in tackling societal challenges, Olayinka places trust in his ability to navigate this complex issue and find sustainable solutions. Decisive action will not only alleviate the burden on the people but also reinforce the confidence and support placed in President Tinubu’s leadership.

The urgency of the matter necessitates prioritizing the well-being of the Nigerian people. By addressing the critical issue of PMS pricing and implementing alternative support mechanisms, President Tinubu can demonstrate his commitment to delivering on the trust vested in his leadership.

The nation awaits President Tinubu’s response, with hopes that relief will be provided to the citizens grappling with the high cost of PMS.

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