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July 23,2023

In a compelling plea, Bashorun MD Eseyin has issued an urgent call to action, rallying all okun sons and daughters to join forces with the Okun Development Association. The mission is to urgently request donations for the Vigilante Association, an integral part of safeguarding Okun Land.

The Vigilante Association is in dire need of support, and MD Eseyin stresses the critical importance of providing the required resources. Funds, motorcycles, and buses are essential to enhance their patrolling capabilities across roads, streets, and outer areas. This reinforcement is crucial for optimal security coordination and protection of Okun Land’s residents.

“We must stand united in securing our beloved Okun Land,” emphasizes MD Eseyin, calling for collective efforts to ensure safety.

In addition to material aid, MD Eseyin passionately emphasizes the significance of Okun Land’s youths actively participating in these essential exercises. Their wholehearted engagement will bolster the strength of the Vigilante Association and further enhance community security.

The Okun Development Association leads the charge, launching this urgent appeal and urging individuals, organizations, and businesses to generously contribute. Each donation, regardless of size, will contribute significantly to the safety and prosperity of Okun Land.

As MD Eseyin concludes his appeal, the Okun community unites in heartfelt prayers, seeking divine blessings and protection for their cherished land and its inhabitants. “May God bless and protect Okun Land,” MD Eseyin humbly expresses, concluding with a sincere “Amen.”

This appeal resonates with the deep sense of responsibility and care exhibited by Bashorun MD Eseyin and the Okun people, as they come together to ensure a secure and harmonious future for Okun Land.

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