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The Forum for Kogi in Diaspora intensifies its call for unwavering support for Senator Dino Melaye’s gubernatorial bid, shedding more light on his ambitious projects that promise to elevate Kogi State to new heights of development and prosperity. As the election day approaches on November 11, 2023, the forum urges all true Kogi sons and daughters to unite behind the best candidate, Senator Dino Melaye of the PDP, for the state’s progress.

1. A Proven Leader for Progress:
Drawing on Senator Melaye’s impressive capacity as a former senator representing Kogi West and his competence showcased in various capacities, the forum asserts that he possesses the right leadership qualities to drive meaningful change in Kogi.

2. Prompt Payment of Workers’ Salaries:
One of Senator Melaye’s immediate priorities is to ensure the timely payment of workers’ salaries. By addressing this crucial issue, he aims to provide financial stability and alleviate the burdens faced by the hardworking civil servants in the state.

3. Comprehensive Infrastructure Development:
Melaye’s development agenda includes the implementation of comprehensive infrastructure projects. He envisions the construction and rehabilitation of roads, bridges, and essential transportation networks to foster economic growth and enhance connectivity across Kogi State.

4. Empowering Education for the Youth:
Recognizing that education is the foundation for progress, Melaye plans to prioritize the revitalization of schools and invest in teachers’ training. By empowering the youth with quality education, he seeks to prepare them for future opportunities and better prospects.

5. Improved Healthcare Services:
Melaye emphasizes the importance of a robust healthcare system. His vision includes upgrading medical facilities, equipping hospitals with necessary supplies, and expanding access to quality healthcare services for all Kogi residents.

6. Agricultural Advancement for Prosperity:
Senator Melaye aims to unlock the potential of agriculture in Kogi State. He intends to support local farmers with modern farming techniques, access to funding, and market linkages to boost agricultural production, thereby enhancing food security and driving economic growth.

7. Job Creation and Economic Diversification:
To address unemployment and foster economic diversification, Melaye plans to promote entrepreneurship, attract investments, and support industries in the state. His vision is to create a conducive business environment that generates employment opportunities for Kogi’s youth and residents.

The Forum for Kogi in Diaspora reaffirms its endorsement of Senator Dino Melaye, emphasizing his good intentions and positive track records. The leader of the team, Dr. Adamu Omeiza, urges all residents to set aside sentiment and unite for the progress of their dear state.

As the election date approaches, the Kogi Diaspora Forum calls on all Kogi sons and daughters, both at home and abroad, to wholeheartedly support Senator Dino Melaye’s transformative projects. By voting for him on November 11, 2023, the people of Kogi have the opportunity to shape a brighter and more prosperous future for their beloved state. Together, they can make a resounding statement for progress, development, and the collective welfare of all Kogi people.

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