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By: Agnes Adewale

Kabba, 29 July, 2023- The resolute voices of Kabba’s youth have united in an impassioned call for immediate action from Hon. Moses Olorunleke, the Executive Chairman of Kabba/Bunu Local Government. The pressing matter at hand is the deplorable state of the Kabba central market road, which has become a source of profound shame for both the local government and the citizens of Kabba.

With deep concern and disappointment, the youth have observed the current plight of Kabba’s citizens, who find themselves compelled to pool their own limited resources to address the state of a local government road. The Kabba central market road, once a vital artery supporting the community’s livelihood and commerce, has now deteriorated into an obstacle-ridden, non-motorable pathway. This unfortunate reality poses grave risks to the safety and well-being of pedestrians and motorists, disrupting daily life and severely hindering economic activities within the area.

Of further concern is the fact that the local government, under Hon. Moses Olorunleke’s leadership, continues to collect revenue from hardworking market women. This raises a crucial question: Where are these funds being allocated? The youth express profound dismay over the failure to direct these resources towards the essential maintenance and repair of the very road generating revenue. The people of Kabba have entrusted their welfare to the local government, anticipating responsible governance and the prudent utilization of public funds.

As the esteemed Executive Chairman, Hon. Moses Olorunleke shoulders the responsibility to address and resolve this critical issue. The youth assert that the citizens deserve efficient and accountable leadership, one that prioritizes their well-being and the holistic development of the community. The deplorable state of the Kabba central market road serves as a stark indication of unmet responsibilities, necessitating an urgent and effective response.

In a heartfelt plea, the youth wholeheartedly implore Hon. Moses Olorunleke to rise to the occasion by allocating the necessary resources and manpower to restore the Kabba central market road to a safe and functional state. The resilient people of Kabba deserve better, and their elected representatives are rightfully expected to act in their best interests.

The youth emphasize that effective governance is built upon pillars of transparency, accountability, and a genuine commitment to the welfare of the people. The paramount importance of prioritizing the community’s needs over personal interests or political considerations cannot be overstated. It is incumbent upon the local government to place the well-being of the citizens at the forefront and demonstrate unwavering dedication to fulfilling entrusted responsibilities.

Given the economic challenges faced by the people of Kabba, the youth underscore the imperative for the local government to act expeditiously. The burden of road repairs should not rest upon the shoulders of the citizens; it is fundamentally the local government’s duty to maintain vital infrastructure.

The youth earnestly urge Hon. Moses Olorunleke to perceive this situation as an opportunity to showcase exemplary leadership. Attentively listening to the concerns of the people and acting decisively to address their grievances will pave the way for restoring faith and confidence in the local government’s ability to serve the community effectively.

This resolute call for attention serves as a catalyst for positive change, fostering a renewed sense of pride and unity within Kabba/Bunu Local Government. The youth look to Hon. Moses Olorunleke for leadership, and they ardently believe that nothing less than a devoted pursuit of the citizens’ welfare and the community’s betterment is warranted.

The Kabba youth earnestly trust that Hon. Moses Olorunleke will heed their urgent call and seize the opportunity to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of the people he serves. By taking decisive action, he will not only restore the central market road but also instill renewed trust in the local government’s capacity to fulfill its duties and responsibilities.

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