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Date: July 29, 2023

Obangogo, Kabba: The stage is set for an exceptional Obangogo Tourism 2023 as Dr. Tosin Oluyoko, a distinguished banker, former President of the Kabba Student’s Union (KSU), and a philanthropist with an illustrious track record, assumes the role of Chairman of the Central Planning Committee. The announcement was made in a press statement signed by the Director General of Obangogo Tourist Adventure, Mr. Ben Kabba Owoleke, and shared with media outlets in Lokoja.

Obangogo, an iconic hill located less than 5 kilometers off Okene-Kabba Express Way, near the permanent site of College of Education (Technical), Gbeleko, holds deep historic significance to the Owe-Kabba Kingdom, making it a renowned tourist destination.

Expressing his commitment, Dr. Tosin Oluyoko pledged to make this year’s event the most unforgettable and enlightening experience for tourists from around the world while proudly showcasing the unique heritage of Obangogo. With his wealth of experience and expertise, he emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts and urged the wholehearted cooperation of the planning committee and sub-committee members to ensure the event’s resounding success.

“I am honored to lead the Central Planning Committee for Obangogo Tourism 2023. Our goal is to create a celebration that captivates and embraces our rich cultural heritage while welcoming visitors from near and far. This event will be an opportunity to unveil the exquisite local cuisine of the people of Kabba (Owe) Kingdom, captivating our guests and providing them with an unforgettable experience,” Dr. Oluyoko stated.

The event, scheduled for December 27th, 2023, in Kabba district of Kabba/Bunu local government area of Kogi state, North Central Nigeria, has a history of attracting tourists from all corners of the globe. This year’s edition promises to be even more exceptional, featuring captivating cultural troupes from different groups in Kabba and its surroundings.

Mr. Ben Kabba Owoleke, speaking on behalf of the Board, expressed confidence in Dr. Tosin Oluyoko’s leadership and his well-equipped committee members to deliver a memorable and successful event. The occasion is expected to draw dignitaries from diverse backgrounds to witness the grandeur of one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the North Central of Nigeria.

The statement further reassured all attendees of the event’s security arrangements, ensuring safety throughout the festivities. Dr. Tosin Oluyoko, known for his 17 years of experience in Retail Banking, Corporate, Investment, and Public Sector Banking, is also a founding member of the Millennium Club, Kabba, actively contributing to the overall development of the Kabba community in areas such as education, sports, and healthcare.

As anticipation builds, all eyes are on Dr. Tosin Oluyoko and the Central Planning Committee to deliver a captivating and culturally rich Obangogo Tourism 2023 that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of all participants.

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