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By: Amos Kingsley

The Wike Support Group celebrates the nomination of His Excellency Nyesome Wike, former Governor of Rivers State, as a minister by President Bola Tinubu, recognizing it as a clear testament to his outstanding performance during his tenure as Governor. The nomination underscores President Tinubu’s acknowledgment of Wike’s capabilities and leadership qualities.

The Senate screening, which took place today, was marked by a heartwarming display of admiration and support for Nyesom Wike. Senators from across the political spectrum demonstrated their unwavering love for him by requesting him to “take a bow and go.” This gesture speaks volumes about the admiration and trust Nigerians have in him, further affirming his popularity and the impact of his governance.

The Group stands firmly behind their leader, expressing their unwavering trust in his capacity to excel in this new ministerial role. They believe his dedication to public service will continue to yield positive outcomes for the nation.

As Nyesom Wike embarks on this new chapter in his political journey, the Group, along with Nigerians, prays for his success and a fruitful tenure as a minister. The nation eagerly anticipates witnessing the impact of his leadership and dedication in contributing to Nigeria’s progress and welfare.

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