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By: Adebola Ojo

In a surprising turn of events, Engr Ajigi, one of the stalwart leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kabba/Bunu local government, has announced his resignation from the party and has officially joined the All Progressives Congress (APC). Ajigi, who has been an unwavering supporter of the PDP throughout the eight-year tenure of President Buhari, made this momentous decision, citing his commitment to his ancestral home of Gbeleko and the positive strides made by the APC-led government.

Ajigi’s move to the APC was met with mixed reactions from political observers and members of the community. While some criticized the timing of his decision, others applauded his willingness to embrace change for the betterment of his community. Notably, Ajigi’s loyalty to the PDP remained steadfast despite facing setbacks within the party.

Speaking on his decision, Ajigi explained, “I am joining the ruling party to support the visionary leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello, who has demonstrated his commitment to my community by establishing Kogi State University in Gbeleko. It would be a disservice to my people if I did not unite with them to back such developmental initiatives.”

Critics have questioned the wisdom of his departure from the PDP, particularly given his enduring loyalty to the party. However, supporters argue that Engr Ajigi’s decision is rooted in a genuine desire to secure tangible benefits for his community, something they believe the PDP had not adequately delivered.

Ajai Olorunmaiye, a local youth from Gbeleke, dismissed the critics as “enemies of the community” and expressed gratitude to Engr Ajigi for heeding the call to join the APC. Olorunmaiye emphasized the importance of unity in advancing the interests of Gbeleko and underscored the significance of Ajigi’s decision.

As Engr. Matthew Ajigi embarks on this new journey within the APC, the community’s elites and like-minded individuals extend their heartfelt gratitude for his decision. They wish him great success in his ongoing efforts to bring about positive change not only to his community but also to the broader Okun nation. Ajigi reaffirms his unwavering commitment to ensuring access to clean and portable water for both domestic and commercial purposes across every community in Kogi State.

He emphasizes that his collaboration with the APC candidate in the upcoming Governorship election is not driven by personal gain but by the earnest desire to uplift the lives of the less privileged. He expresses a resolute determination to personally visit every community in Kogi State, ensuring that neglected and dilapidated projects receive the attention they deserve from the government.

With this noble agenda, Engr. Ajigi is poised to make a significant and positive impact on humanity. He offers his prayers, asking for God’s continual guidance and sustenance for Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) and the Kogi State Government as they strive tirelessly to deliver the true dividends of democracy to the people.

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