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By: Olusola George Olumoroti (OGO), Prominent APC Leader in Kabba/Bunu Local Government

In the complex world of Nigerian politics, the Audu/Faleke political family has experienced a tumultuous journey, marked by triumphs and trials. As we approach the upcoming November 11 election in Kogi State, this political family finds itself at a crossroads, facing challenges that threaten its unity.

The Genesis of Audu/Faleke Political Family:

The Audu/Faleke political family traces its origins to the 2015 Kogi governorship election. Prince Abubakar Audu secured the APC primaries ticket with Rt. Hon Abiodun Faleke as his deputy. Faleke swiftly rose to prominence, becoming a central figure in the APC’s campaign to unseat the PDP, particularly in Kogi West. His potential role as the second-in-command in the event of an APC victory made him a vital asset to the party.

However, the joy of their election victory was overshadowed by tragedy when Prince Abubakar Audu passed away before the INEC could officially announce the results in favor of the APC. This unfortunate event led to the party’s decision to replace Audu with Alhaji Yahaya Bello, who had not been on the original ballot. Many within the Audu/Faleke political family found this decision troubling, given Faleke’s significant contributions to the campaign.

A Family Forged in Resistance:

The party’s choice of Alhaji Yahaya Bello over Rt. Hon Abiodun Faleke marked the birth of the Audu/Faleke political family. United by their belief that Faleke should have been the rightful successor, they embarked on a legal battle that eventually reached the Supreme Court. Despite the court’s ruling in favor of Yahaya Bello, the family’s loyalty to Faleke remained unwavering, driven by their perception of the party’s decision as unjust.

A Temporary Unity and Unforeseen Obstacles:

In 2019, the Audu/Faleke political family briefly came together as a formidable political force, opposing Yahaya Bello’s bid for a second term. Their stance shifted when the APC’s national leader intervened, and Yahaya Bello pledged to support an “Okun governor” as his successor. This promise reshaped their trajectory, leading the Audu/Faleke political family to throw their support behind Yahaya Bello’s re-election campaign.

However, this newfound unity was short-lived. Yahaya Bello’s controversial decision to award the APC ticket to his cousin, Alh. Usman Ododo, from the same Kogi Central ward, stirred dissent within the Audu/Faleke political family. Many members rejected this move and vowed not to support it.

A Family Divided and the Quest for Justice:

Regrettably, Faleke’s prolonged silence as the leader of the Audu/Faleke political family contributed to its gradual erosion. Today, the family has fragmented into several groups. Some members support candidates from various political parties, while others remain undecided about their political future.

A Commitment to Justice and Equity:

In conclusion, many within the Audu/Faleke political family, including OGO, remain unwavering in their commitment to the “Okun governorship project.” OGO firmly believes that after 19 years of Kogi East and 12 years of Kogi Central producing governors, it is only just for Kogi West to have its turn. Inspired by leaders like El’Rufai and Governor Wike, who supported power shifts for the greater good, OGO and others like him are determined to ensure fairness and justice in the forthcoming Kogi State governorship election.

As we approach the November 11, 2023, election, the Audu/Faleke political family faces significant challenges. Yet, their dedication to the pursuit of an Okun governorship remains unyielding, underscoring their commitment to a more equitable political landscape in Kogi State. They refuse to be mere pawns in the political game, as they strive for justice and fairness in their beloved state.

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