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In a heartwarming gesture of commitment to education and community development, Pa J.O Samuel, a dedicated Owe patriot, demonstrated his love for learning by donating a substantial collection of academic books and materials to Kogi State University in Kabba. The generous contribution was made through the Kabba Development Union, with President Engr Emmanuel Ajibero overseeing the handover.

During the donation ceremony held yesterday at his residence, Pa J.O Samuel expressed his gratitude to Governor Yahaya Bello for establishing the university in Kabba and highlighted the pivotal role of education in shaping the future of youths and the communities hosting such institutions. He not only donated books authored by himself but also included works by other writers, showcasing a commitment to fostering knowledge and intellectual growth.

In his remarks, Pa J.O Samuel underscored the significance of education as a catalyst for progress and development. He pledged his unwavering support to the university’s advancement and the overall development of Kabba. His dedication to contributing his quota to the betterment of the community resonated with the audience, reflecting his status as a true community builder.

Engr Emmanuel Ajibero, the President of the Kabba Development Union, expressed heartfelt appreciation to Pa J.O Samuel for his invaluable contribution to the development of Owe land. He described Pa J.O Samuel as a supportive father figure, always striving for the best for his community. The KDU president acknowledged the importance of such partnerships in ensuring the growth and prosperity of Kabba, emphasizing the collaborative spirit needed for sustained progress.

This benevolent act by Pa J.O Samuel serves as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the impact individuals can have on education and community development. As the academic materials find their place in the university’s library, they symbolize not only a transfer of knowledge but also a commitment to nurturing the intellectual potential of the next generation in Kabba and beyond.

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