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The leadership trajectory I initially supported, Emilọ̀kàn, seems to be transforming into a less desirable state, “Ebilọ̀kàn.” It is crucial for President Bola Tinubu to intensify his efforts and devise policies that bring happiness to Nigerians amidst the myriad of challenges they face. The surging prices of essential commodities, particularly food items, have created significant hardships, making it imperative for urgent economic revival.

A noteworthy concern is the escalating cost of food items, casting a shadow over the daily lives of many Nigerians. The burden of these high prices has become a considerable challenge, underscoring the need for President Bola Tinubu to implement decisive actions to alleviate the economic strain borne by the citizens.

The existing state of the system is a cause for alarm, as it appears to be ineffective, leaving Nigerians in a struggle for survival. This calls for a comprehensive assessment and potential reforms to ensure the system effectively serves the needs of the people. Tinubu, being the president, holds the responsibility to navigate and enhance the efficiency of the current system.

My support for him was rooted in his impressive track record in Lagos State and as a democrat. The anticipation was that he would bring about positive change, especially considering the state of the economy. While my disappointment has not fully manifested, there is a growing sense of urgency for President Tinubu to promptly address the pressing issues confronting the nation.

In conclusion, Tinubu’s leadership is standing at a crossroads, demanding immediate attention to economic challenges and systemic issues. As a supporter who initially believed in his capabilities based on past accomplishments, the hope is for him to rise to the occasion, implementing necessary measures to uplift the nation. This call does not stem from disappointment but from a sincere desire to witness positive change for the betterment of Nigeria.

  • Olayinka Samuel
    Writes from the UK

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