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In a heartening display of community spirit and generosity, Hon. Samuels AkinWale Aledare, CEO of Johnny’s Event Centre and Lounge in Kabba, Kogi State, has extended a much-needed lifeline to local entrepreneurs. Through The AKINWALE ALEDARE FOUNDATION (AAF), he has allocated a total of ₦500,000 in financial assistance to deserving business owners in the region.

The recent disbursement of funds by the AAF marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to foster economic growth and empowerment within Kogi State. With beneficiaries now contacted and grants disbursed, these funds serve as a crucial resource for recipients to invest in their businesses and bolster their prospects for success.

Among the fortunate recipients of this generous support are:

  2. SALIU TOSIN ORENISI – ₦50,000
  3. EMMANUEL BUKOLA – ₦50,000
  5. QUEEN ODUNAYO ONTOP – ₦50,000
  6. LIZZY PEARL – ₦50,000
  7. FOLASHADE SAMUEL – ₦50,000
  8. MOSES OKEOWO – ₦50,000
  9. BUKOLA TOSIN – ₦50,000

In a heartfelt message, Hon. AkinWale stressed the importance of utilizing these funds exclusively for business purposes. He encouraged the recipients to view this support as not just a financial boost, but also as an opportunity to strengthen their livelihoods and contribute meaningfully to the local economy.

Through his unwavering commitment to uplifting others, He embodies the true spirit of compassion and solidarity. His actions serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring resilience and positivity among the residents of Kogi State.

As the beneficiaries express their sincere gratitude for this invaluable support, they echo prayers for Hon. AkinWale Aledare’s continued success and commend his dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of entrepreneurs in Kogi State.

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