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Lokoja, Kogi State, 21st May 2024 – On behalf of Togedab Engineering Construction Co Ltd, CEO Edward Tolufashe proudly congratulates Hon. Bade Falade Michael from Ejigbo, Ejigbo LGA in Osun State, on his recent appointment as the Chairman of the Governing Council of Federal College of Education, Okene, Kogi State. This esteemed appointment by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu underscores Hon. Falade’s exceptional leadership and significant contributions to education and public service in Nigeria.

Edward Tolufashe, CEO of Togedab Engineering Construction Co Ltd, expressed his heartfelt congratulations, stating, “It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of Togedab Engineering Construction Co Ltd, convey my warmest congratulations to Hon. Bade Falade Michael. Your new role as Chairman of the Governing Council is a testament to your outstanding capabilities, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the progress of our dear country. This recognition by President Tinubu is well-deserved and highlights your exemplary service to the nation.”

Hon. Bade Falade Michael’s appointment is based on several key factors, including his demonstrated leadership skills and significant impacts in governance and public administration. He has a remarkable career history, having held several influential positions that have contributed to his extensive experience and respected reputation.

Hon. Falade has served as the Former Council Chairman of Ejigbo LGA, where he was known for implementing development projects that improved the infrastructure and quality of life in the community. His tenure as a Former House of Representatives Member was marked by his advocacy for policies that promoted education, healthcare, and economic development, reflecting his deep commitment to national progress. Additionally, as a Former Board Member of various governmental and non-governmental organizations, he played critical roles in strategic planning and organizational development, demonstrating his ability to drive positive change and innovation.

His unwavering commitment to improving educational standards has been evident through his work and initiatives aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for all. He has been a vocal advocate for policies that support teacher training, curriculum development, and student welfare. His efforts have significantly contributed to the advancement of educational standards in Nigeria.

Hon. Falade’s long-standing dedication to public service and efforts to drive socio-economic development have earned him respect and admiration across different sectors. His active involvement in community development projects has significantly contributed to the betterment of local communities, promoting growth and progress. His leadership has inspired many and has been instrumental in fostering community cohesion and empowerment.

With this new role, Hon. Falade is expected to bring his wealth of experience and visionary leadership to the Federal College of Education, Okene. His appointment is anticipated to foster an environment of excellence, innovation, and improved educational outcomes. His leadership is expected to inspire both staff and students to achieve higher standards of performance and academic excellence.

Togedab Engineering Construction Co Ltd looks forward to witnessing the positive changes and advancements that will undoubtedly follow under Hon. Falade’s leadership.

Once again, congratulations to Hon. Bade Falade Michael on this well-deserved appointment.

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